Align Your Business To Your Life

Denver & Boulder Business Executive Life Coaching from The Aligned Business Life

The Aligned Business//Life offers a unique coaching method for business owners who want to leverage their life purpose, passion and gifts to create a thriving and fulfilling business pursuit!


What you can expect:

  1. Boosting Productivity, Sales & Profits
  2. Eliminating Stress & Overwhelm
  3. Recovering Time, Energy & Fun
  4. Knowing You're Making a Difference
  5. Creating a "User Friendly" Business & Marketing Plan


Business Coaching Fortifies the Pillars of Success

There are three essential and powerful pillars to business success: Passion/Purpose, Expertise and “Business of Business” Skills. When all three are strong and working in concert, Business and Life, are experienced as joy in action. When even one of these is weak, the business/life vehicle begins to sputter and may even come to a grinding halt. The Aligned Business//Life offers Entrepreneurs and Business Owners a systematic and integrated approach to strengthen, and consciously leverage, all three pillars to ensure your Business//Life is firing on all cylinders. The result is not only a fulfilling journey, but an expedient, effective and joyful arrival at your destination.

What makes these three pillars so important? Click here to see.

John is an advocate of small businesses actively participating in their local chambers. Following his own advice, John serves as an ambassador, frequent presenter for, and creator of the Mind Your Business program at the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce.

Longmont Chamber of Commerce

As a coach and mentor, John is amazing. He has a wealth of experience in running successful businesses and it shows. He also has a very humanistic, almost therapeutic approach to his coaching methods. He is excellent at walking his clients through digging deep and really connecting with their inner motivations for building their business in order to truly take things to the next level. I've worked with several business coaches and consultants, and by far, I would not be nearly as successful with my business today were it not for John. Thank you!
- Christopher Smith, owner, CompuStar Tech